Instax Mini 8

27th July 2016

On my last trip to Nottingham, I decided to treat myself to a Polaroid Camera! I have wanted the Instax Mini for so long, and I decided to finally take the leap and splurge! I thought I would make this a post about what I think of it, and how exactly the camera works if anyone else is interested in purchasing their own!



  • Five mode exposure levels
  • Instant Photos
  •  Flash is always on         
  • 0.6m to 2.7m shooting range
  • 1/60 seconds fixed shutter speed
  • Review price: £64.99
  •  Batteries x2 AA (included in box)

I can honestly say, I have wanted a Polaroid camera for the longest time and when I saw the adorable Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, I just had to get one!

I choose the pink one myself, but I’ve also seen it in many other colours such as Blue, Red, Purple, White and Black.

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I got mine from:

On your first look at the Instax mini, it looks almost like a toy camera and I think it looks very cute. It has a matte plastic finish, large buttons and is generally a little oversized. Even though it’s chucky, it is quite light and can easily be carried around in your bag without it feeling heavy.

16-03-11-12-41-24-381_deco                                               16-03-11-12-41-46-034_deco

The camera functions are as simple as it looks. The camera is auto focus, and the flash will fire with every shot. There is a little view finder at the top right of the above photo, but it is not that accurate of what the photo will look like. If you position your camera a little further down, and to the slightly left, it should line up a lot better. Practice definitely makes perfect with this camera.


As you can see there are also a bunch of settings near the lens which is for your light conditions. It will light up which one it recommends, but it’s not always reliable so you can pick whichever one you decide is best. You can choose from Indoors, cloudy, sunny cloudy and bright sunny.

After you choose your setting, you just press the large button and it will let out a flash and instantly print the photo. Then if you leave it to one side, it will slowly fade in with your photo. In the bottom corner of the back of the camera, you can also see how many shots you have left, so keep an eye on that!


As you can see, my photos that have come out the best were taken on a sunny day outside, or by a window.


These other photos shown below, were took at night or indoors and I don’t think came out very good. The flash tends to over expose the image, and can make the background very dark. Honestly, I think I’ll just be using this camera outside from now on.


There are also tons of accessories online, recently I have brought myself this pink case to match my camera. It’s from ebay, and is really well made for the cheap price I got it for. The camera fits very snug inside, and it is lined with a soft fabric. I think a case like this is necessary when buying a camera, especially if you will carrying it around in your bag a lot like I do.


There are many other accessories available online, like a small selfie mirror to attach to your lens, photo albums, as well as pens and stickers to decorate your photos, and patterned film. Hopefully I’ll be able to try a few of these things out in the future.

The Camera I brought came with 10 shots inside, which I can say I got through them pretty quickly. Each shot will cost you around £1.00, which is quite expensive if we’re going to be honest. It’s easy for shots to be unfocused or the flash to over expose the image and quite a few of my first shots just ended up in the bin. However, when you get a lovely photo instantly printed, there’s nothing else quite like it. I find there’s something so original about it, no filters, no effects just pure and simple life. In a world where we can upload photos to show the world in the blink of an eye, there is something quite beautiful about that photo just being yours to look at and treasure.

Have a lovely week! – Ellie

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