G.E.M Mini Haul and Review!

A new collection has launched by Lazy Oaf Founder ‘Gemma Shiel’.  So, being a huge fan of all her work, a few new items have arrived at my doorstep.

17-11-17-17-48-22-098_deco So, let’s see whats inside!

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Nature meets Luxury

A Birthday Treat!


My boyfriend offered to take me away as a Birthday gift this year. He wondered if I wanted to go to a big city, we played with thoughts of going back to London once again.. The idea just didn’t excite me, and since I’ve been feeling a little more stressed as of late, I looked into the idea of having a more relaxed few days somewhere a little more secluded…

Thats when we found the Yurts!

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Pink and Black OOTD


So, I got a new pair of shoes so I put a little outfit together today! It sounds a little random, but I feel like I am finally, after many years, settling into a style of clothes that make me feel like me!


This outfit is SO simple but I think its cute.. I guess its all focused around my new shoes from Puma!

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Sugarpill’s Trinket Review

You know that feeling you get where you’re so hungry and you can see the waiter at the restaurant finally bringing you your food? Yes? Well this is exactly how I felt about finally getting my hands on ‘Trinket’, Sugarpills beautiful shade of liquid lipstick that was once a Limited Edition product, is now, FINALLY, here to stay.


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September Favourites

Another month has certainly flew by, and now were starting to see the seasons change again from hot to cold. Summer is always a fun season, but I’m so ready to bring out the hot chocolate and cable knit jumpers now that were getting back into Autumn!

 To be totally honest, sometimes I feel like a lot will happen in a month and I could talk forever about it and other times I feel like I can’t even think of one thing that was interesting? September was one of those months for me, its felt like more of a week then a month to me.

Luckily I’ve got to get together a  few things I really love, so let’s get straight on to the first thing! This is actually something I’ve used for a while but never actually shown and its these beautiful rainbow Lottie Make up brushes.


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Lime Crime Marshmallow Review

Yes that’s right, I finally brought a Lime Crime product! I have wanted to try out Lime Crime for what feels like a life time, but I was waiting for a colour that I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it.


I know Lime Crime do some bold and exciting shades, but I’ve always been a fan of subtle and pretty shades that I can wear day to day. When I saw the pretty light pink shade that is ‘Marshmallow’ I knew it was the perfect shade for me and a perfect time to test if this brand is really worth all the hype!

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